A Strategic Partner for Healthcare Private Equity

Scale Physician Group will support you as you traverse the inherent complexity of physician platform transactions.

We support a broad range of initiatives at both advisory and execution levels providing pre-packaged, integrated and efficiently-priced expertise, services and solutions, including interim management services for sponsors seeking investments in platforms missing key positions.

Grow Your Pipeline

Consider deals you would otherwise pass on due to lack of resources. We deliver value-add to seller providers and management prior to closing, solving for potential issues or risks in advance of a transaction.

Enhance Your Execution Strategy

We develop detailed business plans through deep operational due diligence.  We help our partners win deals based on our extensive operating experience, exceeding what any single Board Operating Partner can be expected to cover.

Know Your Providers

We bridge the communication gap and limit nervousness between providers and sponsors by coordinating and attending recurring site visits.


We will co-invest with our partners at closing, solidifying our long term commitment to the success of your provider groups.

We Meet Sponsor Needs from Pre-LOI to Exit and Beyond

As platforms evolve, they need newly introduced expertise with maintained continuity. We add value throughout the entire pre- and post-close process.

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How We Work with Sponsors

We Augment Your Pre-Close Investment Diligence

Allow us to perfect your business plan for your Investment Committee and target company pre-LOI and post-LOI.  We can deliver a clear expert based business plan within as little as 30, 60, or 90 days, depending on circumstances, working closely with your investment team to ensure we are being asked to focus on either the entire opportunity or more narrow elements that raise specific questions.

  • Best-in-Class Market Research & Analysis

Our reports address four key themes: Market Overview, Local Market Landscape, Payor Analysis / Reimbursement Outlook, and Strategy Analysis.

  • Individual Department Diligence

We perform detailed evaluation on operational departments including: Finance, HR, IT / Data Analytics, Marketing, Payor Contracting, Revenue Cycle Management, and Value Based Care Strategy & Supporting Program.

  • Post-Close Business Planning

Within each operational department, we assess and report on: performance strengths, opportunities for performance improvement, areas of anticipated investment, opportunities for growth & value enhancement, and next twelve month post-close initiatives.

We Solve for Challenging Post-Close Questions

  • Who is overseeing and auditing our platform and its many tentacles?  Are we ready to grow?

We augment c-suite and department leadership talent, performance reporting, and quality while capturing economies of scale, such as centralizing service lines and back-office support functions.

  • Are the planned, value-enhancing initiatives actually happening?

We systematize same store growth and succession planning, optimize the range of relevant primary and ancillary service lines, and align payor contracting strategy with operations, quality oversight, finance, and revenue cycle programs.

  • Are our physician partners happy?

We perfect physician communications and follow through on the promise of physician engagement and representation.

We Review Your Healthcare Services Portfolio

  • Uncover how your portfolio companies are truly performing and where there is opportunity to add value.

Get a “second opinion” on your portfolio companies’ performance, analyze and quantify the opportunity and execution pathway.

  • Efficiently solve for underperforming functions.

Solve for underperformance across your portfolio companies with a team of experts ready to build strong programs.

  • Deliver differentiated value to portfolio companies.

Lead the board discussion from the first day with a post-close operational execution plan.

I have been thrilled with the work Scale Physician Group has done for us on multiple healthcare platform bids.  Their in-depth diligence reports on specific initiatives always gives us a competitive advantage over our competition.  We look forward to our continued partnership with the Scale Team.

Andrew Marolda
Managing Director and Co-Founder, The Beekman Group

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