Succeed In An Evolving Healthcare Landscape

Scale Solutions

As physician groups grow into larger physician platforms, they become complex and multidimensional ecosystems.  Our approach to physician platform management is designed to mirror the structure of a full-service platform, offering Platform Development Services, Service Line Domain Solutions, and Operational Domain Services that together will optimize performance as your business grows.

Platform Development Services

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Our Platform Development Team leads strategy development in addition to coordination and oversight of roadmap execution.  Our Platform Development Team approaches each engagement through the lens of our analytics program, which is designed to assess the current state of your business and transparently identify specific areas of opportunity while monitoring execution results.

  • Strategy & Performance Review
  • Scaling Roadmap Development & Execution Oversight
  • Executive Summary Analytics & Benchmarking
  • Growth & Development

Service Line Domain Solutions

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Our Service Line Domain Advisors bring decades of proven experience to address the specialty-specific goals and needs of our platform partners.  Our Service Line Domain Advisors work together with our Platform Development Team to convert experience into actionable insight that will augment your platform’s strategic positioning, scaling potential, patient care service portfolio strategy, and risk identification & mitigation.

  • Strategic Positioning Augmentation
  • Analysis of Scaling Potential
  • Patient Care Service Portfolio Strategy
  • Risk Identification & Mitigation

Operational Domain Services

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Our Operational Domain Advisors help your platform develop best-practices as well as performance standardization, transparency and scalability.  Our Operational Domain Advisors work hand-in-hand with our Platform Development Team to align your platform’s target goals with the operational program supporting each core operational discipline, including Human Capital Management, Human Resources, IT / Data Management, Finance, Marketing, Payor Contracting and Revenue Cycle Management.

  • Best-Practice Performance Reviews
  • Department Scaling Roadmap Development & Execution Oversight
  • Strategic Value Add Assessment
  • Executive Summary KPI Analytics

Scale Physician Group has done a remarkable job quickly coming to grips with the many challenges of our women’s health care platform in a difficult environment for private practices and we have seen a significant and rapid improvement in our financial performance. They are genuine physician advocates that combine talk with real action.

Kenneth A. Levey, M.D.
oard Certified Gynecologist & CEO and Managing Partner, Maiden Lane Medical